Wat Bang Thong

Pick up :

Morning 08.00 am. Return 12.00 pm ,

Afternoon 13.00 pm. Return 17.00 pm.

A recently finished temple just a short drive from downtown Ao Nang and Krabi town worth visiting when you’re in Krabi.

Temples can be found throughout Thailand, in all reaches of the kingdom you can find unique and stunning places of worship. Places that hold a special significance for Buddhists but are well worth visiting as they possess a certain energy and certainly are wonderfully gorgeous to behold.

Buddhism is one of the cornerstones in Thai culture. In the South (Krabi included) there is a significant muslim population but overall the country is dominated (approximately 90% of the population) by buddhism. The tradition of worship and giving yourself to the religion has long been a sign of a higher power calling. In fact all Thai men are recommended to join the monkshood to surrender themselves even if only for a short time to a selfless life free of toil and devote themselves within. Almost all Thai man join the monkshood for at least 2 weeks, some decide to join indefinitely. Those that do are worshipped throughout the country. They make their morning rounds throughout a village and are always given a number of goods and food to eat from locals.

Wat Bang Thong Temple Krabi


Monks are asked to come to various business openings, cremations, celebrations and other such events to give blessings. This can be almost always be seen at the highest levels of business throughout Thailand.

Buddhism holds such a significant place in Thai peoples hearts that it is no wonder that there are number of stunning temples found throughout the country.

Wat Bang Thong is no exception. Standing at an impressive 70 meters in height it’s central tower can seen for hundreds of meters in all directions. It’s a testament to the reverence and devotion humans have to build stunning works of art in the name of a belief.


Wat Bang Thong resembles a Putthakaya style temple, some similarities can be drawn between this style and also of the Aztecs of Mexico.

Wat Bang Thong was funded almost entirely by donations from locals who wanted to have a beautiful temple of art in their backyard. There were also donations from Bangkok which helped construction but the vast majority came for locals. The total cost was estimated at around 100 million THB.

Wat Bang Thong Temple Krabi


Just next to the main temple area there is a huge 30 meter tall statue of the immortal monk Luang Pu Thuad as well as the famous king cobra that is believed to have spat out the magical crystal ball on him when he was a baby.


You can easily get to Wat Bang Thong if you just follow route 4 out of Krabi until you come to Na Nua (just before Ao Luk) then you turn Right and look for signs for What bang Thong (about 6 kilometres down this road). You can also search on google maps for Wat Bang Thong and then easily navigate there.